NPS Canaveral National Seashore
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  • 5. Eddy Creek

    Welcome to Eddy Creek. Eddy Creek is part of Mosquito Lagoon. It traverses from the Indian River Lagoon down to the Banana River. The lagoon is over 156 miles long. There are over 400 species of fish, 260 species of mollusks, 479 species of shrimp and crab, as well as hundreds of varieties of birds and other wildlife. The lagoon is an estuary that is shallow with brackish water. Many people come to the lagoon to fish, canoe, and kayak, as welll as to just enjoy the beauty of the area. When you walk out onto the fishing pier you will be able to see different types of fish in the water. The lagoon is a wonderful nursery for many fish and mammals. The trees that edge the lagoon are mostly mangrove trees. We have three different types of mangrove trees: red, white and black. The red mangrove tree is unique because it looks like the roots are walking out into the water. The Native American Indians used to call this tree the walking tree. Black and white mangrove trees both have roots that jut out of the ground and they are called snorkel roots. The roots from all three of these trees serve as protection for baby fish. As you are looking out towards the water you might see an alligator, or manatees, and even dolphins. The lagoon is a wonderful place to come and learn about the variety of wildlife here at Canaveral National Seashore.