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  • 4. Seminole Rest

    As you walk the path around Seminole Rest, put yourself in a state of mind to discover. The story of Seminole Rest is long and rich. It spans from 2000 BCE to today. It includes the shell mounds built by the Timucua Indians, the homes built in the 1800s druing Florida's pioneer days and the present time which has the site protected and preserved by the National Park Service. The Seminole Rest site became a part of Canaveral National Seashore in 1988. There have been numerous archaeological digs performed on the mound since then and historic studies about the homes. While walking the property, it is easy to see why the Timucua picked this spot for an encampment and shellfish harvesting place and with its picturesque view why it was desired by the first settlers who built here. The abundance of fish and wildlife attracted the first inhabitants and still today attracts many people to this retreat by Mosquito Lagoon. Enjoy your time watching the boats go by, the fish jumping and the fiddler crabs moving about and remember the story of Seminole Rest is everywhere you look. Please be respectful while visiting by staying on the trail and not removing any of the shells from the mound. One of the most precious things about the mounds of Seminole Rest is that they remain largely intact. The secrets that are preserved here may someday reveal to us not how different the early Florida inhabitants were from us but how much we have in common.